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Sunday, Oct 25, 2020


Good game, worth getting BUT... in my opinion Emergency 2012 is better and if you don't have a good PC it'll be hard to run Emergency 2013 (this game)Emergency 2013 eyes to destroy Europe using a lot of crazy disasters, but instead the only thing it really does is disappoint. A game for the budget rack.If you played last years' version, you'll know most of the content. It's up to you if four new missions, a drone and a volcano scenario are worth the purchase, while you can get the predecessor with a budget price.Emergency 2013 lets you work those RTS-skills on daring rescue missions across a disaster-struck Europe, but several problems in the gameplay mechanics create worse obstacles than the fires and accidents themselves. The Free play mode is where the game shines but it is unfortunately underdeveloped. It's also worth noting that a major part of the game is actually the content of last year's game, Emergency 2012.

Good game, worth getting BUT… in my opinion Emergency 2012 is better and if you don’t have a good