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Monday, Aug 2, 2021

Every self-respecting fantasy game has dragons, and nine times out of ten it’s your job to slay the evil things. But Drakan: Order of the Flame is one of those rarer occasions when the dragon actually does your bidding. Drakan first comes across as a third-person action game like any other in the quickly burgeoning genre, but you’ll know this game is onto something early on, when lanky redheaded heroine Rynn releases the kindly old dragon Arokh and takes to the skies on his back. Add great graphics, mean monsters, deadly traps, and huge areas to explore both from the sky and on foot, and you’ll see that Drakan is clearly one of the better games in its class, even if it doesn’t seem especially original. After all, Rynn’s just a medieval Lara Croft riding on your average dragon.

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