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Sunday, Aug 1, 2021

The most dismissive thing I can say about Dishonored 2 is that it’s a lot like Dishonoredone of my favourite games of all time. At its worst, it offers a similar experience to its predecessor, which is to say, it offers tens of hours of extraordinary first-person stealth and action. Frequently, Dishonored 2 does more than that. While the moment-to-moment experience is broadly the same, the whole thing is elevated by both small, crucial details and big set-piece missions. Put simply: it’s brilliant.

Set 15 years after the events of the first game, Dishonored 2 follows either Empress Emily Kaldwin or her father, Corvo Attano. Emily is deposed, on the anniversary of her mother’s assassination, after a coup by the Duke of Serkonos. You, as either Emily or Corvoa choice made at the start of the gamemust escape Dunwall and travel to the Southern city of Karnaca, the home of the Duke’s cabal of conspirators.

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