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Friday, Sep 29, 2023

Deus Ex: Human Revolution comes out next week, and it’s incredibly, ridiculously good. Unfortunately, Square Enix have given retailers a confusing array of different versions of the game that come with different amounts of bonus content. To add to the confusion, Valve just released a huge batch of Deus Ex themed Team Fortress 2 items that you get for pre-ordering the game on Steam. And the ‘Augmented Edition’ means different things depending on where you buy it.

I hate this stuff. Apart from the confusion, it’s annoying to be made to feel like you’re not getting the complete experience when you just buy the game itself. But they’ve done it, so we might as well sort through the mess and figure out where you get the best deal.

Be aware that we can only go by what retailers say they’ll give you – we can’t guarantee they’re getting their own listings right. In most cases, retailers don’t specify whether their offers will still be available after launch.

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