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Monday, Mar 4, 2024

Review by Nathan Ditum

On a city street at the start of Dead Space 3, there’s a poster for a film called Tools Of Terror. It features a man in a tuxedo pulling a James Bond pose, but instead of a pistol he’s holding a wrench. He is, it’s fairly obvious, both an action hero and a blue-collar guy, and despite the fact this film is a spoof or perhaps because of it he’s also an accurate symbolic representation of Dead Space hero Isaac Clarke as he appears in this latest game.

‘Isaac was a high-functioning spanner in a space suit.’

Isaac is an engineer. It’s the thing that made him such an unusual protagonist in the original game he didn’t talk, he fixed things and had weapons that could conceivably have been used to fix things, if they weren’t busy dismembering the reanimated dead. He was a high-functioning spanner in a space suit, but he returned the John McClane of religious hysteria and viral outbreaks in Dead Space 2.

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