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Saturday, Dec 2, 2023

This year has proven to be busy for the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation license. With both the first CSI: Miami game and a proper sequel to the original CSI adventure game making it to the PC, you’d think that Ubisoft might just call it a year and get ready for the next crop of licensed TV crime drama adventure games in 2005. Well, you’d be wrong, because for some reason, Ubisoft is now publishing CSI: Crime Scene Investigation for the Xbox, a compilation of the first two CSI PC games put together in one package. While this idea in and of itself is in no way offensive (despite the fact that neither of the games in this package were all that great to begin with), the fact that this compilation is such an obvious rush job, with loads of graphical, audio, and gameplay glitches littered about that weren’t present in the original games, is deeply offensive.

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