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Friday, Sep 30, 2022


Battlefield Hardlines multiplayer has launched without disaster. There are glitches and dumb physics (which could be said about any Battlefield), but hell, it works, and its fun. After Battlefield 4, that deserves a clap. A slow, slightly sarcastic clap, but a clap. Bravo!

Hardline is fun, but in the words of Roger Murtaugh, Im getting too old for this shit. Its exhausting. I pine for Battlefield 1942s simple structures, sprawling terrain, and Lee-Enfield rifles. The same fundamentals are still herebig maps, classes, vehicles, 64 playersbut the speed and firepower of Hardline make it a constant struggle to survive long enough to do anything fun.

Its got the rhythm of an old car lurching forward and then bouncing back off its front tires. I spawn into a helicopter and blow up immediately, or spawn on my squadmate and instantly trade lives (somehow) with a guy right in front of me, or spawn and get run over, or spawn and drive head first into an RPG.

Developer: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Release Date: N/A

Genre: Action, Shooter

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