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Monday, Jul 26, 2021

Mmm, delicious eggs. As we’ve learned from the Angry Birds series, round, legless piggies love nothing more than a good egg. And they’ll do anything they can to get their snouts on one! In Rovio’s latest physics game Bad Piggies, the tables are turned and you’re working to help the pigs get what they want. Instead of slingshots and breakable forts, though, you’re building rickety contraptions box by wooden box. It’s a little bit of construction, a little bit of action, and a whole lot of crashing. Exactly what you need in a casual mobile game!

The pigs have a plan, but unfortunately that plan was outlined on a map that has been torn to shreds. Collecting each piece going to take some work, but since you’re here to help, the piggies won’t have too rough of a time. As long as you consider being thrown down a hill into a crate of TNT ‘not too rough’.

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