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Thursday, Dec 3, 2020


Bad Day LA is the game people often say they want and then ignore when it arrives; it prizes ambition over execution and flair over finesse and both pays the price and reaps the rewards for daring to do so. [Sept 2006, p.82]

It's not a terrible idea for a game, to be fair. Just a terrible game. I don't know why McGee keeps putting his name in the titles of these things. It's getting increasingly like selling dog-crap sculptures in your own image.PEOPLE! Tell me, what do you want from this game? It's a nice action game with good atmosphere and crazy humor. If Anyone liked South Park and the Simpsons - take it. It's not a game for long midnights. One session should take about 30 min - 1 h. And then it gives lots of fun and laugh.Oh c'mon! It's a good game! Of course - it isn't wonderful, but I personally like a sense of humor in it.A great game idea and an interesting story and scenario are not all that is required to make a fun game, yet that’s mostly what Bad Day LA has going for it. While McGee is absolutely worthy of the praise people heap upon him, he has allowed a game which fails to impress on nearly all levels to be released with his name on it.Clocking in at less than six hours it’s hardly entertaining, hardly funny and hardly worthy of your time. In fact, it’s a dreadful disappointment.A game where you cannot lose, that mimics State of Emergency to the point of the user not wishing to continue, what more an you say about something with limited humour and a cash in on name branding.I like this game. I will admit that the gameplay is short and not so entertaining at times. Also the jokes can suck and be really racist, but its creative and entertaining to see some of the worst things happen in one day. Not that I'm a sick person who enjoys earthquakes and biological attacks, but in this video game you can have a laugh or two.This game is the biggest piece of @#$! I have ever seen. I expected more after the brilliant Alice. I was very disappointed.

Bad Day LA is the game people often say they want and then ignore when it arrives; it prizes ambi