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Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024

Here, among the roses of red and strange mushrooms, we find Alice. Is she visiting the Queen of Hearts? No, it isn’t that Alice. Meet Alice Greenfingers. She doesn’t have time for chasing rabbits and general nonsense (save the occasional gnome), she has to take some tomatoes to the market while the demand is still high!

In this brand new release from Arcade Lab, you can help Alice sell the fruits of her labor. You can also tell her when to labor, or where to plant the fruits in the first place. Alice Greenfingers is a hybrid cross between a simulation and a strategy game, with a very relaxing atmosphere. Simply by clicking in the appropriate place, Alice will do all the work, sowing, harvesting, and selling, while you choose how to spend the hard-earned cash.

The garden can be as organized or as eclectic as you like. You can pick and sell in a mad frenzy of profit, raking in the dough, or you can slowly shape your dream garden, stopping to smell the roses.

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