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Game Summary:

  • Release name: 帝国时代, 世紀帝國, Tribe, Diguo Shidai, Dawn of Man, AoE, Age of Empires: Un juego épico para crear y conquistar imperios, Age of Empires: Ein Spiel über große Zivilsationen und Eroberungen, Age Of Empires: Bâtissez votre civilization., Age of Empires: An Epic Game of Empire-Building and Conquest, Age of Empires 1
  • Year: 1997
  • Platform: Windows
  • Released in: France
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Theme: Classical antiquity, Egypt, Historical Battle (specific/exact), RTS, Real-Time
  • Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
  • Developer: Ensemble Studios
  • Perspectives: Isometric, Bird′s-eye view, Free-roaming camera
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It works fine, you have to do a little tweaking after extracting the ISO, mainly downloading a crack that will fix the problem of not having the CD present. I found the correct file here:

There is one big problem though, some idiot replaced the original music with some crappy mixtape - likely to promote it, I can′t find it in the game files and the original sound is there. It′s so bad, it makes the game unplayable.

JEANBAMBOIS 2017-09-19 -1 point Windows version
A window appear saying cannot start the application correctly (0xc0000022). Anyone know this issue ? (Window 10)"

Search Type and select "Turn Windows features on or off" Expand "Legacy Components" Select "Direct Play" Hit OK Everything should be fixed.

Age of Empires – Download - Free Full version

  1. Download
  2. Unzip files
  3. Setup and Install
  4. Launch the game.
  5. Play!

19 Responses to Age of Empires – Download

  1. itay says:

    ok .. lets try getting an acutal .iso file please and thank you. this file only had a .cue/.bin file .. WTF ??

  2. Stephen N says:

    anyway if other people can play the game
    they should use.
    Microsoft visual c++ 86 bit

  3. devil djinn says:

    Stuffit Expander cant open it, please help. Im trying to play in my mac

  4. arzole says:

    Works perfectly on my Windows 7 notebook, just like Troels said.
    Thank You, My Abandonware!

  5. CTP lovor says:

    Works perfect on Win7.
    It comes with 3 errors saying "Driver not installed", but just press OK and your good to go 🙂

  6. XD24 says:

    how do i run this game it just has some white files and it wont let me play 🙁

  7. Human says:

    I got a BIN file ith the Windows version. What do I do with that?? How can I play the game?

  8. IDIO MONTOYA says:

    it′s not for DOSBOX, this game is for win9x. it works ok on xp or 7. you might need a patch to fix the colors in win7 or to finish explorer task while you play the game.
    google for "direct draw patch" or "direct draw color fix".

  9. Reckoner says:

    Guys I presume the Mac version is PPC only, so any modern Intel Macs won′t run it. Perhaps it will run via Rosetta on Snow Leopard.

    Just run a VM (Virtual PC, Parallels, VMware Fusion) and play the Windows version.

  10. tigerfox64 says:

    A window appear saying "cannot start the application correctly (0xc0000022). Anyone know this issue ? (Window 10)

  11. brodan2001 says:

    Never mind, I just needed the right patch. I got it off of

  12. smilez313 says:

    When I run it and click single player game, it says that I need to insert a disk and restart the game. Any ideas?

  13. TruthMan says:

    I can′t run the installer on OS X Yosemite, the message says "The application could be damaged or incomplete", how can I run it?

  14. savagedoor says:

    I played this game as a kid and loved every second of it, so when I found this website, I almost had a stroke out of happiness. Thank you so much to whoever made this website.

  15. Chinner4 says:

    Is there another emulater for mac v. 10.5.8? I cant use the ones suggested?

  16. fdisk says:

    i have been trying to get this game for so long and this didn′t help me i downloaded both…nothing

  17. DAS says:

    Apparently the application itself is damaged. I mounted the disc and everything is there but the installer can′t be launched.

  18. jogador says:

    I got 2 files. One is AoE.bin and the other is AoE .cue. What do i do with them? I want to play this on my mac.

  19. chocolate says:

    How can this be played on an Imac? See older comments (33)

    Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you′d like. If you have trouble to run Age of Empires (Windows) first! Your nickname: Your comment: Version: Any Windows Mac Send comment

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